I've got my beady eye on you..

Dearest beloved beaded cardigan, I long for you. I get sad and nostalgic just thinking of you glitzy warmth. Oh how I wish to wear you in all your shining glory. Love Sarie.

DOn't you just hate to lose that special, most favourite item of clothing. That thing that goes with everything, that fail-safe garment. The thing that is you and makes you glow and is actually like a second skin. I am forever losing beloved items of clothing. Oddly enough there is a high correlation of being slightly tipsy and losing garments of clothing.
I have had two vintage beaded cardigans, the first was a beaut. I had an evil step mother, she was quite wicked! And she shrunk it! Tiny baby doll cardy that one couldn't even fit a finger in, let alone an arm! With a gleam of satisfaction she handed over the cardy to me.
The second dear beaded cardy, may it rest in peace, was left in a taxi after a quite ferocious night out on the town. Discarded and never to be seen again.
I'm not quite sure why I have such a fond attachment to these items of clothing. It must be all the memories attached to them, the cozyness they give and the prettyness of them. I do often think about them, and long for them. Making up the perfect perfect outfit with them having centre stage.
SO dear readers, if you see one.. Pass it into my grubby outstretched paws. Haha! Seriously though if you come across one online, be a doll and pass it on to me.

A little note on my absence: I have been meaning to update, and have put it off. I really want to completely overhaul this site and make it new and better and well more aesthetically pleasing. Please any suggestions etc more than welcome!



It's gotten a tad more nippier outside so to celebrate I wanted to show you this amazing sweater mountain sculpture by the wonderful Anja Louise Verdugo (I will go back to her later, amazing!). Reminds me of the Jann-family (will also return to them in the future)
Love the soft and natural elements to this piece.
More to come, I know I keep a promising things. I want to get this place all sparkling new and different. So bare with me.


Long hair

I am still here alive and breathing, contrary to how this blog says otherwise!
My hair has grown and grown this summer and now is quite long..and BIG! Thinking about snipping/taming it soon. Not sure how though.
Anyway didn't want this to be a how-big-my-hair-is-post and also look at me! I did want to say though that I am back (big haired stripes and all!). SO expect lovely posts regarding my favourite season coming soon! Taadaa!



Sorry for my being away so long. I have been off enjoying/suffering/escaping this intense heat that BCN has being living under for the past 45 days. BCN seems to be on fire, literally in someplaces!, sweltering. This city in the heat is insane, those of us that are still left are panting, sweating our way around our daily tasks. Indeed.

Yesterday was amazing paella on a terrace in the hills over looking the sea. I really really want to live in a beautiful old little farm cottege in these hills. ONE DAY! Any way, Im returning for a few days to relax by the pool and do so some painting with Tia Conchi.

BUENO, I have been enjoying friends visiting (picnics, markets, gracia festival, tapas, beaching, borne walking). I have also been trying to clean the flat. My mum is coming on thursday, can't wait.

Look out for new entries come septiembre. I have ideas to show more illustrations (like the one above but hopefully a bit better hmm!). I also want to show case some amazing artists/designers/illustrators/makers/do-ers etc. I want to keep up with sewing projects, cooking and making stuff and also would like to show outfits and other such things. I think too, some book/film/music review and just to keep this place going a bit more and have regular features. Well well, must dash! See you in September!


Summer hols part 5

Kent and beyond:

I have been a bit under the weather all this week, I can't believe its thursday already! I have been really slow getting these snaps up. I really miss the cool english summer air, walks along cliff tops and seeing choppy sea's. I also miss my sisters dearly, and gazing up at the milky english sky. Also pictured above is my dream home (the green and white cottage!). It sits on a cliff next to a lighthouse, with a wooden gate and roses in the garden. Small and simple. I LOVE love this house!
This week has been really disapointing as I've not been out and done anything. I hate wastefull weeks/time etc.
What do you do when you're feeling blue and unmotivated?



Yeah thats right! Yokoo (of massive knitted cowl/scarf fame!) is bag with these amazing durable, colourfull knitted bag creations. I love packing my life around with me and literally panic if Im without things "I might need to have with me incase of...". These could fit my lifes possesions and then more.

Heads up to her amazing super stylin' greatness.I think she is one of the coolest on the net. I blates want the blue and red one.
Here's what she says "One of my most cherished creations thus far is The New England Tote. Dedication to outdoor enthusiasts has been part of my company Ideal since starting. This bag is perfect. High Quality... Heavy Duty... but yet it is still soft and stylish. Made from an acrylic and wool blend and all leather straps.". Yep ticks my check list on functional beautiful bags.
Gets them here: YOKOO etsy

ps I just drank my weight in Horxata and feeling a bit rubbs!


dans le phone:

Recently, according to my phone:

1. Spoons&crochet at the Hub
2. Lights broke in bathroom, candles a pleanty!
3. Sister in an amazing back alley teashop!
4. Macba at night
5. A free outside concert, catalan band.
6. Nice light summery fabrics 7. More from the hub, & new shoes!
8. Nice tactile objects 9. Came being sneaky and cosy on the bed
10 Pretty park at night 11. Same park with pretty ivy
12. More crochet spoons and rooftops♥ 13. Petty willow trees, picnics under!
14. Dads pup, Prudence! 15.
16. Park fun 17. Colours!
18. Sister shading from the intense heat 19. Puppy doing the same!
20&21. Feet and shoes
22&23. Found in a toilet in Raval, on top of the toilet!
24. Mexican bar for nachos and beer 25. Sister in said bar
26. Free gummy bears from le tour de france, we saw it. 27. Special tea in teashop
27. Me silly posing 28. Pretty sister in wondercafe
29 More of wonder teashop place. 30. PiƱa breakfast
31. came and tour de france 32. Came in trolly, it was 40 degrees and far to hot for pups to walk!
33. SUSHIIII 34. Aitana and Juanito, SUSHIII SUNDAY!
35. BESTEST BEST lemon sorbet 36. the same, for the horxata place. the best!
37. The colours of spain, yum! 38. Came waiting on the threshold haha
39. A chair made of stuffed toys 40. BIKE♥!