1 ME OLD CHINA: Summer hols part 5


Summer hols part 5

Kent and beyond:

I have been a bit under the weather all this week, I can't believe its thursday already! I have been really slow getting these snaps up. I really miss the cool english summer air, walks along cliff tops and seeing choppy sea's. I also miss my sisters dearly, and gazing up at the milky english sky. Also pictured above is my dream home (the green and white cottage!). It sits on a cliff next to a lighthouse, with a wooden gate and roses in the garden. Small and simple. I LOVE love this house!
This week has been really disapointing as I've not been out and done anything. I hate wastefull weeks/time etc.
What do you do when you're feeling blue and unmotivated?


alexandra said...

me encantan las primeras fotos de la playa, el acantilado y la casita, me recuerda a "expiación" / "atonement".

cuando estoy de bajón intento mirar cosas bonitas o imaginarmelas, o me obligo a dibujar algo o simpelmente a tumbarme enrollada en algo calentito con un té y galletas o algo (realmente no soy así de cursi)

A. said...

Lovely! I want to go to a pebbly peach, but here in the Philippines it's all sand. Going to put Kent on my bucket list.

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weei love the way that bungalow near the top seems to be hiding!
also that art deco place at the bottom of the hill is INCREDIBLE


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