Sorry for my being away so long. I have been off enjoying/suffering/escaping this intense heat that BCN has being living under for the past 45 days. BCN seems to be on fire, literally in someplaces!, sweltering. This city in the heat is insane, those of us that are still left are panting, sweating our way around our daily tasks. Indeed.

Yesterday was amazing paella on a terrace in the hills over looking the sea. I really really want to live in a beautiful old little farm cottege in these hills. ONE DAY! Any way, Im returning for a few days to relax by the pool and do so some painting with Tia Conchi.

BUENO, I have been enjoying friends visiting (picnics, markets, gracia festival, tapas, beaching, borne walking). I have also been trying to clean the flat. My mum is coming on thursday, can't wait.

Look out for new entries come septiembre. I have ideas to show more illustrations (like the one above but hopefully a bit better hmm!). I also want to show case some amazing artists/designers/illustrators/makers/do-ers etc. I want to keep up with sewing projects, cooking and making stuff and also would like to show outfits and other such things. I think too, some book/film/music review and just to keep this place going a bit more and have regular features. Well well, must dash! See you in September!

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