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Long hair

I am still here alive and breathing, contrary to how this blog says otherwise!
My hair has grown and grown this summer and now is quite long..and BIG! Thinking about snipping/taming it soon. Not sure how though.
Anyway didn't want this to be a how-big-my-hair-is-post and also look at me! I did want to say though that I am back (big haired stripes and all!). SO expect lovely posts regarding my favourite season coming soon! Taadaa!

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florette and her cakes said...

you should see mines, but I keep on trimming it monthly, it's almost histerical......
it's cool that you have a job, as long as you have the weekends off.....I am on baja until monday because of a stomach virus, but obviously not enjoying it.....trying to study a bit, but I really need to get rid of this headache....anyways my moan comes from the fact of not knowing how cool it is to have two days off in a row!!!
How are things anyways??? i'm not very often at home if i'm not sick and dying but promise I'll call you asap