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time whizz

Time is slipping through my fingers again, what with Christmas, NewYear and my birthday all out of the way, including a flying visit to England.

This time of year is all about new starts, not just because of the obvious newyear but because I start a new age 10 days into the year.
So naturally this gives me a little bit of time to mull over what I want and how I want to be in this newyear. Time to snip those dreadfull patterns that occur everyday. Time to start something afresh and new.
So here is my list of things I want/resolutions:
Draw everyday
Make more things
Set up a shop
Write more letters
Meet more people who can help me with the things I want
Do yoga
Go on adventures alone
Write in my paper journal
Eat better
Speak better spanish.

I also want to visit England more to see loved ones, I also need a bigger place and I want a studio.

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