1 ME OLD CHINA: concierto




They played in Barcelona the other night, to a very noisy crowd! They were magical, angelic and amazing. I stood with my fingers holding my throat and heart with a wonderfull smile on my face, completly happy and amazed. Twinkly beeping celestrial sounds, funny little instruments, twidly knobs filling the room with a journey to childhood, far away cold lands, twirly dresses and dancing feet.

The only thing that distracted me, and its not the first time I've noticed this at a concert in BCN, is that the crowd were so noisy during and inbetween songs, ALthough they were politly asked to keep it down by the band and notices. Its bloody rude and disrespectfull. Why pay 20€ to go and have a chat and oh yeah theres a band playing in the background. Múm were that good though that I found myself lost in the musique and not cross.

What a magical night.

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