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White teeth and cups of tea:

Well lets get started here. I am rather frustrated with myself at the moment, Im feeling quite restless because of it. This is because it has been almost a year since I have really had that magical, excitable fluttery inspiration feeling. Yes thats right, I haven't created anything in over a year really. I have tried to knit, croche, draw, keep a journal, sketchbook etc.

I have created this craft/art/fashion/maker/inspiration blog to move me along a little bit.

So I am going to post some pictures that I love, that move and inspire me and just generally make me feel good and happy that people view the world in such a sweet great way.

Here are some favourites from Flickr:

(All photos are by those who have taken/created them, Please click on the photo it will take you to the creator's flickr)

This is from a small little shop in Barcelona that I am yet to visit. I love the idea of little messages left around the city, things not noticable straight away, traditional process kept alive and subliminal good messages in this way.

Simple yet lovely. I like home still life set ups, normality pictured and captured. I like the traditional sense of this.

Im from the UK, the land of milk and honey, patchwork isle etc. I really crave it at the moment (I am living in Barcelona). Being away from home makes me look at it fondly with nostalgic eyes. I love the institions of england, I love the funny quirky strange culture, I love the idea of traditions and memories, old stories and old images. Historic memeries, cliches of home, Mundane life and Jolly old Britania.
I love this image and feel it shows good old england in a fanstatic way, Institutions and unchangable icons, sillyness, dull mundaness.

Well thats all for now, more favourites soon.

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