1 ME OLD CHINA: good morning, morning!


good morning, morning!

Im sat here drinking my mid moring coffee, enjoying some time alone and actually enjoying time. I've not been feeling well at the moment due to an on-going lon term sickness. I feel quite good at taking some time off to rest and things.


These photo's are part of the series of photos I took whilst back home. It was lovely to go back, my first week back in the UK was spent visiting various family members in different parts of the UK. My older sister, Victoria, lives in Canterbury. Me and my little sister, Abigail, went and visited her for a few days. We then met up with my mama and Andy (her partner/my stepdad-sort of) on a rainy sunday and toured the surrounding coastal areas of Canterbury. I loved it, visiting seaside towns is one of my favourite things ever! We had a fish and chip supper on a cliff over looking the murky waters that is the British sea.
These particular photos were taken in this amazing organic farm, I can't remember the name of it. There were hairy pigs, turkeys, little garden sheds, greenhouse cafes and a shop to die for. The shop (as pictured) had amazing food and jarred goods (yum local jam and chutneys!). It was all beautiful and rusticy and nice. Hmmf baggage weight allowance is a terrible thing and having no pennies is also not too good either. I had a lovely trip back and I shall update more about it. Still waiting to have enough money to get prints developed.
Oh and I think I might sell some of my prints too. If your interested just let me know!


Katharine said...

Oh the second photo is lovely.

I love little places like that and I wish I had more of an opportunity to see them.

Maeve said...

looks beautiful!

Rougeur! said...

Thanks Katharine, I too wish that I had more time to visit places like these!
And, thanks maeve :)