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Old film:


I just recently developed this film from my trip to Boston, USA. This trip is actually one of my most fondest memories. I was studying art and had my head full of ideas and inspiration and it was wonderfull to be in a different city with its cold grey landscape. I loved walking aound huddled up in layers on scarves, hats and gloves. I remember it well, the smells as we first got into the city from the scary airport. I rememeber all the big buildings and fast food restaurants with their gaudy glowing lights. I was with my sister and it was a time in my life where everything was quite uncertain. It was amazing to be close with m sister and stay in our hotel room with princess beds and room service. And oh! The buffet breakfasts in the morning..wonderfull. It was nice to have that close time with my sister and remember it. At the time my dad was in a relationship with scary-Marion. It was actually quite fun, and a little mean thinking about it now, to plot to get away from her. We were statying in a small town called Andover just outside of the city, it was so good to get the old creaky train with its cracked leather seats into the city everyday. I just loved exploring, not really having a plan. We went iceskating on a pond, to the childrens museum, to eat at quincy market, the backstreets of cambridge abnd finding great diners and vintage shops, small independent art museums with pet cats and dogs, the breakfast buffets, the basketball game, watching shit telly in the princess bed whilst eating room service. There are so many amazing memories. Such as hanging out in Newbury comics (I think that's the name..) When it was to cold to bear the bitterness. Oh and cheers bar!

It seems like I have too many things to write about this trip so I will end it hear.
I want my sister to write what she remembers too!

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abigail said...

at long last!! my it actually seems so long ago!

i feel home sick and nostalgic, like that everything that once was, is never going to be the same. like being able to spend time with you and vic without and indeed any other of our firends without time limits, and dates, and work and other commitments...everyone is getting too old.

do you remember walking through china town, and all the steam from the warm drains underground rising up in the cold cold air...
and having the argument with the boy in a record store about baseball cards, and english sport.

and in the hotel when we had to sign the register and the lady got all excited because we were all left handed! hah

also at the basketball game, when everyone stood up to sing the national anthem, and we were debating whether to do so, and just as we decided to my flies broke..

and rooting through the huge pile of clothes in the garment district, and getting them weighed.

standing at andover train station, with the bitter bitter wind, and the 'break-a bone' taxi driver.

the huge christmas tree in the hotel in central boston, and of course all the snow.

i forgot about all the good food we found, i remember sitting in the basement of a coffee shop for hours reading, because it was too cold to walk about.

i remember running off to cambridge, and holding your hand when you got your lip pierced. and being in a lift with dad and his work collegues trying to hide it..

i remember going to that huge toy store, with the big teddy bear outside, and being reminded of our time there when we were little, and things were very different indeed.

i remember watching crazy/beautiful for the first time in our princess beds, and watching that rubbish rubbish film about swimming and murder...

i remember being excited about christmas and about being at home.

i loved it so much, can we go back some time?